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ANAVITA is a women's activewear brand with Brazilian roots. It was created by Ana Lacerda and Andy Clayton, when they saw an opportunity in the fitness gear market. They went all the way to Brazil to research the different and very unique designs and fabrics. Motivated to create a unique and captivating brand, they carefully picked designs, patterns and fabrics they felt would arm women with confidence. Ana and Andy work diligently on the daily, to bring women the clothes they desire. Since they work directly with their manufacturer, and have a personal relationship with them, this brings another level of care to their clothing. All clothing is designed in San Diego California. 


We have a commitment to empower women through our versatile, fashionable and comfortable fitness gear. Encouraging them to find confidence to promote in themselves, their way up to a healthier and more active lifestyle. 


Our products are carefully designed and handmade. We take our time to pick cool, fashionable and versatile fabrics and patterns for our customers.  


ANAVITA has an organic and transparent organization structure, in which we make sure that all phases of the product development are being done correctly, within the law and under favorable working conditions. We highly value our partners. Our suppliers are local to Ana's home city Brasilia, Brazil. We find it important to support growing startups, giving opportunities to new local business.