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A Little Look Into How The ANAVITA Baby Was Born

Ana and I are a couple that takes care of all operations of the business. If you look at the website or social media, you can bet it’s us behind the scenes. If you get a package in the mail, it’s us that wrapped and packed it.

We started ANAVITA to bring women stylish clothing that will improve all aspects of their lives. Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good!

Ana and I met in Vietnam in early 2018, while both being there as solo travelers. Ana had just begun volunteer work, teaching English to underprivileged kids and helping a non profit organization, which supports single mothers in Vietnam. And I was backpacking Vietnam from the south to north.

We quickly hit it off and started to join, eventually traveling Asia together for the next two months. While traveling, we continued to practice an active lifestyle, just like we do at home. We visited several hole in the wall gyms and even did beach workouts when no facilities were in reach. I found myself always admiring Ana’s choice of leggings. Her Brazilian inspired style was something I’d never seen before. Colorful flower and patterned leggings and different designs. I was able to see this clothing in a different way, since my surroundings were completely foreign.

With all these fun and inspiring new experiences under our belt, it was time for us to return home. At this point, we knew it wasn’t supposed to end there, so we made a plan to reconnect for five days in Pennsylvania, where Ana spent her summers instructing tennis and training kids in the gym at a summer camp.

When camp finished, Ana flew to the West Coast, where she stayed with me for a month and a half. We stayed in Oregon for most of that time, where I was working. I continued to work during the days, while Ana stayed at home.  It was difficult, because we wanted to be around each other all the time, but we enjoyed the time together regardless. When this time was over in the fall, Ana returned to Brazil.

When November approached, I flew to Brazil and stayed with Ana’s family for three months. During this time, we  explored waterfalls, beaches, magical blue pools in the middle of the high desert, and so on. We experienced a true abundance of beauty. This along with an active lifestyle, we were inspired.

Toward the end of the three months, we were ready to bring our inspiration to life. Our inspiration comes from a common interest of an active lifestyle along with nature’s beauty. ANAVITA was born at this time. We started exploring potential manufacturers and eventually settled on one. Our love for the world and its beauty, shows in our clothing. Flowers, nature’s colors, leopard print. It all comes from this beautiful world we live in.

To show our appreciation, we created eco-friendly tank tops made from the world’s first biodegradable fabric. We recognize that it’s important for businesses to move in this direction, and we want this to create a ripple effect for all businesses out there to become more sustainable. We only have one earth, and it’s time we start taking this seriously.

ANAVITA is grateful for you joining in this journey, and we look forward to the future together!


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